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Strong Showing for Chaos Crew in LSRTV Clash
Strong Showing for Chaos Crew in LSRTV Clash
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The Standard Bearer of eSport Simracing
The Standard Bearer of eSport Simracing
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The Standard Bearer of eSport Simracing
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GOING ON: Featured Events Playlist

20180216a #iRacing #B12hr #featuredevent #results #highlights
Inaugural iRacing Bathurst 12 Hour delivers good show. Last weekend saw iRacing's first ever running of their Bathurst 12 Hour. Mount Panaorama, is considered on of the most challenging motor racing circuits in the world today. Two racecar classes; GT3 (AMG Mercedes, Audi R8, McLaren MP4-12C, BMW Z4, Ferrari 488) and Porsche GT3 Cup. The competition level was sky high, including the likes of Trans Tasman Racing. The team fielded two cars in both the Top split and Second split, drivers; Jarrad Filsell, Madison Down, Jake Burton, Sam Blacklock, Michael Healey, Emily Jones and Kurt Stenberg. Trans Tasman Racing (TTR) was formed by members with diverse racing backgrounds from Austalia and New Zealand, to be competitive and have fun while they get amongst it.
Honorable Mentions:
Simracing is generally International(EvolutionRacingTeam)
Rollercoaster of winning(PureRacingTeam)
Bridging the gap(AvidChronicRacing)
Staying positive(PositiveSimracing)
...more highlights.
RESULTS 1300GMT, split 2(RACINE)2018-02-16
20180209a #iRacing #B12hr #featuredevent
Bathurst 12 Hour comes to official iRacing competition. The popular Australian International sportscar endurance, once-around-the-clock event, will hold its inaugural race this weekend. It all takes place on one of the most revered circuits in the Motorsports world, Mount Panorama, Bathurst, Australia. If you've been there in person, you'll appreciate the TV cameras do not do the elevation differences justice. Two classes; GT3 (AMG Mercedes, Audi R8, McLaren MP4-12C, BMW Z4, Ferrari 488) and GT3 Porsche Cup. This can be considered an important race for the Porsche GT3 Cup class, for some of the best drivers to showcase their talent and skills, at a iRacing World Tour Special Event. Racespot TV will be picking up the 1300 GMT Broadcast. Watch Youtube stream(RACINE)2018-02-09
20180201a #rF2 #roadmap #January #Karting
rFactor 2 January Development Roadmap update published. This month; new video trailer, more streamlined HUD, laser scanning, Portland International Raceway, 'KartSim' premimum Karting content, and more. Details Official blog post(Studio-397)2018-02-01
20180130a #pCARS #guide #aero
Project CARS 2 Insider's Guide Episode 12: Aerodynamics. This week; tires, brakes, brake balance, front & rear wings, and more. Video Official blog post(ProjectCARSgame)2018-01-30
20180129b #iRacing #podcast #eSports #iRNEO 
Neil Hekkens of NEO Endurance on Esports Narrative episode. While on a trip to Florida for the Daytona 24hr endurance race, Neil, joins Spencer Alessi, host of behind-the-scenes show about the greater eSports Community. "...We talk about his love for racing and where his passion for sim racing started. We talk about the sim racing community and how the ties to traditional racing may be even closer than other esports and their sports counterparts...". Listen Flash audio(TheEsportsNarrative)2018-01-29
20180129a #iRacing #partnerdeal #PSRteam 
Positive Simracing and University Isabel I form partnership. The online Spainish educational institution recently launched a 'University of High Performance in Sport'. Positive Simracing (PSR) will support the University's new presence in eSports. Javier Álvarez, owner of Positive SimRacing: "...There are many disciplines that can have a positive impact on the performance of drivers and that we hope to apply, including psychology of the sport, mental control, techniques of professional communication and so on..."Learn more Official press release(Positive-Simracing)2018-01-29
20180126a #Thrustmaster #hardware #Rally #Drifting #dirt
Thrustmaster releases Sparco 'TSS' handbrake. The venerable hardware manufacturer, releases long-awaited handbrake peripheral. The product mimics a real world Sparco handbrake and features two main modes; progressive handbrake, and sequential shifter. This product is intended to support the Rallying and Drifting communities. Details Official press release(Thrustmaster)2018-01-26
20180125a #GTsport #January #blog
Gran Turismo Sport January update blog published. This month; Monza circuit, new Gr.3 league, lots of new sportscar content, and more. Details Official blog post(Gran-Turismo)2018-01-25
20180123b #pCARS #guide #telemetry
Project CARS 2 Insider's Guide Episode 11: Telemetry. This week; Personal Best times, G-Force meter, shift points, tires, supension data and more. Video Official blog post(ProjectCARSgame)2018-01-23
20180123a #iRacing #GripTV #PromoCode
GripTV and iRacing collaborate for new 2018 promotion. Simracing streaming team and Broadcaster, Grip TV, are running a new promotion with iRacing. For new members, using a 'Promo Code' they can enjoy; a $10USD, 3 month subscription that includes a free Ford Mustang FR500S, like that seen in our previous featured event, the 'Roar Before the 24'. Details YouTube video(MattMalone)2018-01-23
20180118a #iRacing #Roar24 #featuredevent #results #highlights
First 2018 iRacing Special Event Roar puts on good show. Our first 'Featured Event'; 'The Roar Before the 24', is a 2.4 hour solo-endurance challenge at Daytona International Speedway Road Course. Three car classes; Kia Optima Turbo, Ford Mustang FR500S and the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup. We saw many competitive teams turn up including, Vendaval Simracing. The team fielded three drivers; Juan E Lopez, Fabrice Cornelis and Coen Klopman. Vendaval is a relatively new eSport Simracing team that set out to be competitive from the start, while still having fun all along more highlights. RESULTS 0200GMT, split 2 | 1700GMT, split 2(RACINE)2018-01-18
20180112a #iRacing #Roar24 #featuredevent
iRacing World Tour Special Events kicks off with Roar. The start of 2018 Simracing's season is well underway, with our first 'Featured Event'. This weekend on January 13th, iRacing will see the running of a 2.4 hour endurance race, 'The Roar Before the 24' at Daytona International Speedway Road Course, with three car classes all going for their respective honors; Kia Optima Turbo, Ford Mustang FR500S and the Global Mazda MX-5 Cup. This could be considered the 'Blue Riband' event for all three of these car classes in official iRacing competition. V8s Online, will be covering the 0200 GMT Broadcast and Racespot the 1700 Broadcast. Watch Youtube stream(RACINE)2018-01-12
20180111b #pCARS #guide #setups
Project CARS 2 Insider's Guide Episode 10: Baseline Setups. This week; Qualifying setups, Race setups, fuel loads, bump stops, enging braking and more. Video Official blog post(ProjectCARSgame)2018-01-11
20180111a #iRacing #sponsordeal #FSRteam
Fusion SimRacing now powered by Amazon Web Services. Australian team, Fusion SimRacing (FSR), signed potentially the biggest naming-rights sponsorship deal in Simracing history. Amazon Web Services (AWS), is a cloud based computing organization that offers day-to-day operational services to clients such as; BMW, Lamborgini, and iRacing, among others. AWS is also working on a new gaming platform project. Details Official news article(fusionsimracing)2018-01-11
20171221b #pCARS #guide #VR
Project CARS 2 Insider's Guide Episode 9: Virtual Reality. This week; Virtual Reality (VR), setting for VR, image quality, performance and more. Video Official blog post(ProjectCARSgame)2017-12-21
20171221a #rF2 #roadmap #December
rFactor 2 December Development Roadmap update published. This month; Christmas sale, lighting, DX11, cache folder, rain, windshield wipers, 3rd party content and more. Details Official blog post(Studio-397)2017-12-21
20171212a #pCARS #guide #licenses
Project CARS 2 Insider's Guide Episode 8: Racing Licenses. This week; Race Central, safety grade, strength rating, coloured rank, player privileges and more. Video Official blog post(ProjectCARSgame)2017-12-12
20171208a #pCARS #guide #scoring
Project CARS 2 Insider's Guide Episode 7: Online Championships. This week; 'Sandboxing' leagues and events, broadcasting, live-streaming and more. Video Official blog post(ProjectCARSgame)2017-12-08
20171205a #iRacing #GRC #dirt
iRacing launch Global Rally Cross (GRC) and more. In an unprecedented show of productivity, iRacing have released a triple bill of content including; Global Rally Cross (#RedBullGRC), animated pit crews and Knoxville Raceway. Knoxville is a ½ mile dirt oval in Iowa, not Tennessee, that plays host to the Knoxville Nationals and Lucas Oil Championship Cup sprint car series. Go play Official website(iRacing)2017-12-05
20171203a #Forza #league #racecontrol
Leagues Feature coming to Forza Motorsport 7. The new leagues feature, due to debut in Forza Motorsport 7, December 5th, will include a safety rating or matchmaking ‘bands’. There will be five bands, from ‘Grassroots’ all the way through to ‘Pinnacle’. A reward system will also be on offer. Read more Official website(ForzaMotorsport)2017-12-03
20171201a #iRacing #podcast #ERT
Simon Racing Report publishes Episode 52: Brenton O’Brien. “RaceSpot TV’s Jonathan Simon is joined by Evolution Racing Team (ERT) Manager Brenton O’Brien to discuss time zone difficulties in sim racing for Australians, ERT’s name change from Evolution Racing Australia, team culture, squashing the beef between Jonathan and Brenton about Riley Preston’s initial departure from the team in 2016, the wide range of talent in ERT, and changes to improve the format of the iRacing Road Pro Series”. Listen YouTube audio(SimonRacingReport)2017-12-01
20171130b #rF2 #roadmap #November
rFactor 2 November Development Roadmap update published. This month; Formula E Energize Pack, hotlap competition, 'Talk and Drive' with Marcel Offerman and more. Details Official blog post(Studio-397)2017-11-30
20171130a #VRCE #tools #setups
Virtual Race Car Engineer 2018 is available now. Developed by Tim McArthur, who has over 20 years experience is both the real and virtual worlds of Motorsport, VRCE can specially tailor your racecar setup to you. Now in its 3rd Generation, Road or Oval, it has features including; Corner and Lap Wizards. It also have been translated into many languages including Portuguese, which was conducted by Atlantic Motorsport. Details Official website(VirtualRaceCarEngineer)2017-11-30
20171128a #pCARS #guide #RallyX #dirt
Project CARS 2 Insider's Guide Episode 6: Rallycross. This week; 'The Scandinavian Flick', braking technique, slip angles, e-brake, surface transition, joker laps and more. Video Official blog post(ProjectCARSgame)2017-11-28
20171121a #pCARS #guide #trackguide
Project CARS 2 Insider's Guide Episode 5: Learning New Tracks. This week; the limit, reference points, apexing, kerbs, gearing and more. Video Official blog post(ProjectCARSgame)2017-11-21
20171120a #rF2 #EGTseries #electric
Electric GT (EGT) launches eSport Championship. Fledgling Electric Grand Touring series, Electric GT, will be starting an eSport Championship with an eye to develop talent from the Sim to the Real-world (#sim2real). The action will take place alongside each EGT round, using dedicated simulator rigs. EGT bills itself as a zero-emission auto racing championship, with the inaugural season beginning in 2018. They will make use of the Tesla Model S P100D. Mark Gemmell, CEO Electric GT Ltd: “…We’ll be offering a real-life track test to the winner of each round of the eSports Championship. With an increasingly blurred line between racing skill on the track and in the simulator…”. Video News article(MotorsportIE)2017-11-20
20171117a #iRacing #series #TheMajors
The Majors gearing up for new 2018 season. Formally, ‘The Pacific Majors’, ‘The Majors’ is a unique International series on iRacing, where drivers across four regions must test their skills in a very broad number of Motorsport disciplines. In the spirit of this, the Champion is awarded the official ‘Mario Andretti Drivers Champion’ trophy. There are also many other Championships up for grabs including; Constructors, Iron Man, and The King, among others. Each round is based on an iconic real-world Motorsport event. The series is broadcast across four of the biggest names in Simracing broadcasting; Global Sim Racing Channel (GSRC), Live Sim Racing Television (LSRTV), Racespot, and V8s Online. Take the tour Official website(PacificMajors)2017-11-17
20171114a #pCARS #guide #FFB
Project CARS 2 Insider's Guide Episode 4: Force Feedback. This week is about  the three main settings for Force Feedback (FFB); Immersive, Informative, Raw and more. Video Official blog post(ProjectCARSgame)2017-11-14
20171107a #pCARS #guide #pitstops
Project CARS 2 Insider's Guide Episode 3: Pit Stops. This week; Pit Limiter, auto pit, weather, pitbox visual cue, pit errors, cinematic cameras, refueling and more. Video Official blog post(ProjectCARSgame)2017-11-07
20171031b #rF2 #roadmap #October
rFactor 2 October Development Roadmap update published. This month; DX11, physics and tire model, Corvette C7.R GTE and more. Details Official blog post(Studio-397)2017-10-31
20171024a #pCARS #guide #pitstrategy
Project CARS 2 Insider's Guide Episode 2: Pit Strategies. This week; pit-stop strategy, tire compounds, setups, fuel loads, In-car Management system (ICM) for on-the-fly changes during a race and more. Video Official blog post(ProjectCARSgame)2017-10-24
20171020a #GTsport #release 
Polyphony Digital’s ‘GT Sport’ released. In a departure from their traditional format that started its run 20 years ago, ‘Gran Turismo Sport’, is now available for purchase. The focus of GT Sport is multi-player racing. There will be official Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) sanctioned series and opportunities to earn real world regional racing licenses. Early reviews have leaned more on the positive side. We will be keeping an eye on this one. Learn more Official website(Gran-Turismo)2017-10-20
20171017a #pCARS #guide #driveraids
Project CARS 2 Insider's Guide Episode 1: In-game Assists. This week; Turn Indicator, Driving Line overlay, Stability and Traction Control, ABS, Steering, Braking Assists and more. Video Official blog post(ProjectCARSgame)2017-10-17
20170926a #rF2 #roadmap #September
rFactor 2 September Development Roadmap update published. This month; new competition structure, GT3 content and an interview with Marcel Offermans, Head of Studio 397, from this year’s SimracingExpo. Video Official blog post(Studio-397)2017-09-26
20170924a #pCARS #tools #FFB
'The Jack Spade Files' update for Project CARS 2. Jack Spade created popular Force Feedback (FFB) files to improve Simracers experience for Project CARS. The new updated files have made available for the sequel by Slightly Mad Studios. Details and instructions News article(bsimracing)2017-09-24
20170819a #rF2 #roadmap #August
rFactor 2 August Development Roadmap update published. This month; UI, competition structure, information grid, DX11, Zandvoort, Tatuus and more. Details Official blog post(Studio-397)2017-08-19
20170724a #rF2 #roadmap #July
rFactor 2 July Development Roadmap update published. This month they’re talking about McLaren; World’s Fastest Gamer, McLaren 650s GT3, DX11, Setups, UI, Physics and more! Details with screenshots from the Official blog post(Studio-397)2017-07-24
20170630a #rF2 #roadmap #June
rFactor 2 June Development Roadmap update published. This month; World's Fastest Gamer, UI, 'Radical paint competition' and more content. Changelog Official blog post(Studio-397)2017-06-30
20170614a #Thrustmaster #hardware #PS4 #wheels #pedals #GTsport
Thrustmaster launch new PS4 ‘T-GT’ wheel & pedal set. This premium wheel has been produced in collaboration with the long-running Gran Turismo (GT) franchise, with the looming release of the long-awaited eSport Racing title ‘GT Sport’, in mind. The wheel boasts an exclusive GT Sport feature called ‘T-DFB’ or 'Depth Feedback'. This technology aims to increase the resolution, or level of detail in the force feedback (FFB) that the driver feels. Details Official press release(Thrustmaster)2017-06-14
20170519a #rF2 #roadmap #May
rFactor 2 May Development Roadmap update published. This month they’re talking about; physics, cars and some interesting marketing activation from Team Redline and friends with the upcoming new Zandvoort track release! Details with screenshots here Official blog post(Studio-397)2017-05-19
20170421a #rF2 #roadmap #April
rFactor 2 April Development Roadmap update published. This month the big news is DX11. Other topics covered; VR, UI, content and more. Details with screenshots here Official blog post(Studio-397)2017-04-21
20170321a #rF2 #roadmap #March
rFactor 2 March Development Roadmap update published. Aspects covered include; DirectX 11 integration, VR and a new user interface. Also a Radical SR3 racecar is in development, for new content. More details including information on when these new features will be available from this News article(isrtv)2017-03-21


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Race: 2018 Bathurst 12 Hour
When: Feb 10 & 11th 1300 & 0100 GMT
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Race: 2018 Bathurst 12 Hour
When: Feb 10 & 11th 1300 & 0100 GMT
Sim: iRacing
Race: 2018 Bathurst 12 Hour
When: Feb 10 & 11th 1300 & 0100 GMT
Sim: iRacing